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Professional Security Services can be offered in the following areas :

Personal Protection

Private Parties

Political Events

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Professional Security Service Levels:  (please call for pricing)

**All officers have received DJA comprehensive training and undergone our thorough background checks

DJA Platinum Service Level - Guard and Defuse

"Unparalleled security service at a top-tier price point"

Access to Level 3 security officers**, a highly distinguished group of elite security personnel capable of guarding your assets and instantly neutralizing threats to your organization.  Level 3 security officers hold a college or university degree and possess the highest level of security experience and training available in the United States.  Due to their extensive weapons and combat training, background and (minimum of four years police or military) experience, Level 3 DJA guards are also deployed in various tactical roles across various security posts/details, including serving at an armed or unarmed capacity, as well as working in plain clothes or undercover.

DJA Gold Service Level - Patrol and Monitor

"Superb security services at a mid-level price point"

Access to Level 2 security officers**, that can patrol and monitor your facilities from anywhere within, our outside, your facilities.  

In combination with their formidable security industry (minimum of three years) experience and training, DJA Level 2 guards often have police or military experience.  Due to their background and experience, Level 2 guards are also deployed in supervisory roles across various security posts/details. 

DJA Silver Level - Deter and Detect

"Excellent security services at our lowest price point"

Access to Level 1 security guards** that can watch and protect your premise using the latest security technologies.  

With the DJA Silver Level you can rest assured that all of your security needs will be managed and resolved by one of the nation's top security companies, utilizing well trained guards with up to three years of security industry experience and the latest security technologies.   

Security DetailsPlatinumGold Silver
Identify and defuse security threatsX

Conduct alarm investigation and reportingX

Detail criminal suspectsX

Perform random patrol inspections of all your establishments/facilitiesXX
Guard entrances and screen guests/employeesXXX
Monitor your premise using powerful video surveillance technologiesXXX
Protect your assets, employees and guestsXXX
Deter crime with visual presenceXXX
Report all incidents into 24/7 dispatch centerXXX
Perform alarm investigation and reporting
Perform biannual security assessments on your premise
Perform annual security assessments on your premise

Enforce your organization's security policies and procedures